Purebred German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Youngsville, Next to Lafayette Louisiana

Photo of Sire Max
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These puppies are now sold!!

German Shepherds are considered to be one of the most versatile and one most popular breed of dogs in the world.  They are intelligent and make great working dogs.  

Key Features of these puppies:

  • Parents hips OFA rated "excellent" and "good"
  • Champion Schutzhund lines
  • High drive and protection
  • Excellent health and vigor
  • Love to be with their human
  • Degenerative Myelopathy clear

The breed and these pups are pretty amazing because they are very versatile and can be easily trained to do most anything.  German Shepherds are very faithful dogs and can be trained in competitive, obedience, drug detection, search and rescue, they can help with the handicapped, police and military service or just be incredible companions you can't live without.


Currently, we have no puppies on the ground but expect to have a new litter soon.

They have great drive, will make great family pets or sporting dogs.

The dam, Cajun Mattie Beau Chien is a beautiful long haired German Shepherd working with a great pedigree of IPO3s. She is very friendly and always looking for a fetch partner. 

All of the puppies are incredibly smart with high drive. Believe me it makes a tremendous difference as the training is easier and less costly and you end up with an amazing dog.   


About the Sire: MAX VomGatorland

Photo of Sire Max

Max is a big bi-colored DDR East German Shepherd known for size, personal protection, and companionship and is AKC registered. Max is a very good-natured male and is excellent around people and other dogs. He is very intelligent, obedient and was easy to train. He was known as the largest pup ever produced at the time by his breeder. He is very tall and beautiful to watch run around on our 5 acres. His male offspring regularly exceed 100 lbs.

His hips are OFA certified as "good" which is the second-highest rating given and has a much lower chance of producing pups with hip dysplasia.  This is a critical factor when choosing your German Shepherd as this is part of the 2-year hip guarantee for his pups.

I can't say enough about what a pleasure it is to have Max in our family, he has such a great temperament with high intelligence. His offspring make great family companions and generally likes everyone but if anyone suspicious comes around his family, he has his eye on them!


The hip grades of Excellent, Good and Fair are within normal limits and are given OFA numbers.  This information is accepted by AKC on dogs with permanent identification (tattoo, microchip) and is logged in the public domain.  Radio graphs of Borderline, Mild, Moderate and Severely dysplastic hip grades are reviewed by the OFA radiologist and a radio graphic report is generated documenting the abnormal findings.

Max's line is known for his big bones, large paws, large head and a medium square frame.  He is an awesome guard dog, however once he is introduced, he is very calm and friendly.  He is very social, athletic and very intelligent. Because Max is  a protection dog, he is currently being trained to bark and hold.

About the Dam: MATTIE

The Dam Mattie with a ball

Mattie is a sable colored Long Haired German Shepherd and she is also AKC registered. Her parents are Schutzhund IPO3 titled and have a wonderful drive.

Her OFA rating on her hips is certified as "excellent" which is rare.  Mattie's had her OFA certification completed at age 4 when she got her certification. This testifies to her quality for sporting value. By having BOTH parents with their hips OFA rated good or better, they stand a far less chance of producing pups with hip dysplasia.

Mattie is the alpha female in our line of working dogs.  Her working line is known for being a well-balanced medium/large sized German Shepherd, who is very elegant in appearance.  Mattie weighs approx 70 lbs. She has a distinctive female look, yet she is very athletic and can be very protective when required. She is trained to bite on command and has an excellent full and powerful bite. This trait is passed down to her pups as well.

Matties best quality is intelligence, courage, alertness and her devotion to her master.   She will protect her master at all costs.  She loves to ride in the truck and if the windows or cargo door are down she will fly into it giving you that look "let's go!".  Mattie is an excellent mother and dotes on her puppies. She is very friendly with our B&B guests and will always approach them with a ball or stick in her mouth.

About the PUPPIES!

Photos and Videos of Available Whelps Below

  • Cost = contact Joseph
  • Litter has been registered with AKC
  • Has been checked by the Vet - Clean bill of Health
  • Shots and Wormed
  • Weened from the Mother

 Contact Information

For more information on the puppies, contact Joseph Marquardt at 337-207-1722


Male and Female puppies available


Our little girl is a sable colored German Shepherd working dog. Her disposition is very independent and laid back. She is very confident, playful and can hold her own in the group. 
Although she regularly engages with the rest of the pups, she is just fine being by herself as well. It is not uncommon while the rest of the pups lay on top of each other in a little pile, she is confident enough to sit by herself away from the puppy pile! 
She is our 1st born and was the first one who climbed over the whelping box! Our Black Collared puppy looks like her mother who is a long hair German Shepherd. It appears she will probably have long hair like her father also. 

Purchase Details for These Adorable Puppies

  • Cost = contact Joseph
  • Litter has been registered with AKC
  • Has been checked by the Vet - Clean bill of Health
  • Shots and Wormed
  • Weened from the Mother
  • 2 Black bi-color Males and 2 Black Sable Female left to be adopted

 Contact Information

For more information on the puppies, contact Joseph Marquardt at 337-207-1722 texts are welcome.
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